About Groundwork

Driven to create a better way to bring new products to market, product management experts
Vidya Dinamani and Heather Samarin developed an easy-to-implement framework to help your team get better at creating delightful experiences that drive growth.

Groundwork is a philosophy and methodology for product leaders that focuses on three Pillars—Convergent Problem Statement, Actionable Persona, Individualized Needs—and three Practices—Developing Hypotheses, Conducting Scrappy Research, Getting Commitment—that together center your efforts around the most impactful problems, prioritize the right customer needs, enable durable decisions, and creates customer-driven organizations that consistently develops products people actually want.

Vidya Dinamani

VIDYA is the co-founder for Product Rebels where she exercises her passion for coaching product leaders and teams around the world. She has over 18 years of experience specializing in business and technology strategy development and product design, development and management.

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Heather Samarin

HEATHER is the co-founder of Product Rebels a product management leadership training company, and has over 17 years of experience in delighting customers through the design, development, and management of customer experiences within both B2B and B2C marketing and product management.

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Praise for Groundwork

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Foreword by Brad Smith Executive Chairman, Intuit

I am confident that the readers who make the effort to learn and apply the principles contained in this book will enjoy similar results to those of us who have battle-tested its effectiveness to-date. 

Ginny Lee President & COO, Khan Academy

Groundwork is a must read. Dinamani and Samarin do an excellent job of outlining in very practical and easy-to-read stories what are the foundational elements of building any product with clarity and purpose … and why they are critical to the success of any company!

Gibson Biddle former VP/CPO at Netflix/Chegg

As a product leader, your job is to build products that delight customers. To do this, you need efficient decision-making, a committed team, and a healthy dose of customer obsession. Groundwork provides the framework you need to consistently delight customers in ways that energize teams and build a great business.

Julie Frahm Director Consumer Digital Products, Sharp HealthCare

I give each Product Manager I hire, a copy of Groundwork  as part of their orientation. Regardless of how much experience they have had previously, rebooting their knowledge with Groundwork as their product handbook is invaluable.

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